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The Project.

This project is the online face of an ai-based education provider naming Full Stack Engineering. They are AI experts with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience building and applying state-of-the-art tools for AI developers. As our clients wish, we designed a custom website that communicates their style, emphasising usability, ease of use, and aesthetics. As per analytics, their target audience loves exploring the site; it generates leads and creates ROI to the client.

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Wireframes and design

Wireframes & Design.

Key Features.

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Responsive Web Design

RWD helps to solve a lot of problems. It gives the best look in both large and small devices by a mobile-friendly approach. It increases the amount of time visitors spend on the site and improves the rankings in search engines.

Custom Icons & Micro Transitions

Micro transitions and custom icons usually overlooked while doing websites but significantly impact creating a positive user experience to the customers. As per reports, it helped users soak up the information more efficiently and draw attention to the content.

Money remittance platform fetures Money remittance platform features
Money remittance platform fetures Money remittance platform features

Search Engine Optimisation

As everyone know, SEO is a crucial element for the website to generate visibility, rankings and web traffic. As a standard, we perform on-page SEO to the websites we develop; it improves the ranking, earns organic traffic and helps our clients business.

The Process.

Project Development Process
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