Single or Multi-vendor Mobile App for Grocery Business.

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Grocery business app development

The Project.

This single & multi-vendor grocery delivery software helps our clients to upscale their grocery business from geolocations' limitation. The buyers can enter a location, search or add products to the cart, make payment and place orders. The sellers can see the orders placed under their shop, approve or reject orders, make the delivery and mark the order status. We simplified and improved the future grocery marketplace's experience to create more business values for our customers.

Various delivery businesses like FMCG, e-Pharmacy, Liquor & Wine, Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy, Meat, Supplements, Farm Products etc., can use this customisable e-commerce platform. For better scalability, it supports integration with Razorpay, Paytm, Stripe, Google Analytics, Google Map, Invoice Printing, Quickbook Sales Report etc.

Grocery business app
Wireframes and design

Wireframes & Design.

Online grocery app design Online grocery app wireframe
Online grocery app wireframe

Key Features.

Multi/Single Vendor Customer Buyer App design and development Multi/Single Vendor Customer Buyer App design and development

Multi/Single Vendor Customer Buyer App

Customer app supports both iOS & Android mobile operating systems to reach every user.

In addition to adding products from the category list, users can search & add products to the cart.

Customers can track their order with GST details and the progress within the mobile app itself.

They can use the gold refund coins in the next purchase along with the discount coupon code also.

Vendor & Delivery Boy Apps

Vendors/Shop can list the products and manage its price, stock etc., efficiently using the mobile app.

They can view the orders received and manage them on the go.

The delivery agent can view the list of orders they need to deliver for the day with the customers' google map location.

Using the mobile app itself, they can manage delivery status, COD, Refund, UPI QR Image, etc.

Vendor & Delivery Boy Apps design & development Vendor & Delivery Boy Apps design & development
Grocery App design & development Grocery App design & development

Admin Panel for Branch & Client

Using the web-based super admin, the client can control the whole online grocery business like operating areas, vendors, customers, delivery boys, products, orders, revenue etc.

In the dashboard, they get alerts like low stock, products expiry, and revenue reports, sales, etc.

Revenue Models Supporting by the Platform for your Business

Prime Customer: You can charge the customers who want prime delivery & pricing plan. 

Banner Ads Promotion: You can charge vendors to advertise their shop via banner ads.

Vendor Subscription: Other vendors can list their store on your online grocery marketplaces with a fee.

Commission on delivery: Buyer & Stores need to pay a commission for the deliveries you handle for them.

Grocery App design & development Grocery App design & development

Few Extra Features.

Push Notifications

Micro Interactions

Custom Illustrations

Payment Gateways

Custom icons

Quickbook Integration

Redeems Coins

Discount Coupons

Delivery Slots

Prime Club

And a lot more...

Grocery App design & development

The Process.

Project Development Process
Process steps

Defining Scope

UX / UI Design



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